Industrial & Commercial Boiler Services in Chicago, IL

The frigid winters of the Chicago area demand an efficient and effective heating system. For large-scale commercial and industrial facilities, a boiler is often the best solution. It provides centralized heat production and control, using time-tested, reliable methods. Whether you have a gas, oil, or coal-fired boiler, you can count on Bogot Service Company for the replacement, repair, and maintenance services you need to keep it at peak performance.

We serve businesses throughout Illinois, from Joliet in the south to Kenosha, Wisconsin in the north. Our union-certified technicians have the skills to handle any boiler problem you may encounter, and we offer 24-hour emergency service to keep your business running even if the boiler fails in the middle of the night.

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Industrial & Commercial Boiler Replacement

Boilers are one of the most reliable and effective heating methods for large industrial or commercial facilities. When you need a new boiler installed or a compete boiler replacement, Bogot Service Company can help. We offer complete design-build services for businesses throughout Chicago and Illinois.

Our talented technicians and engineers can create a boiler system that is tailored to the heating loads, layout, and design specifications of your facility, and we can source the most efficient, reliable equipment to keep operation and energy costs to a minimum. We feature boilers from many leading manufacturers, including:

  • Cleaver-Brooks
  • Bryan
  • Peerless
  • Weil-McLain
  • Burnham

Our team installs boilers for a wide range of institutions, including Chicago-area hotels, hospitals, schools, churches, manufacturing facilities, and more.

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Industrial & Commercial Boiler Maintenance

In punishing industrial or commercial environments, boilers require regular service to sustain a high level of performance. At Bogot Service Company, we offer comprehensive maintenance services that can help your organization avoid unnecessary downtime, keep energy costs to a minimum, and protect the investment that your boiler represents. Our boiler maintenance services feature a three-step process that includes:


  • Overall system efficiency
  • Gas and water pressure
  • Low-water cut-off controls
  • Safeties and control systems
  • Sensors and circuits


  • Boiler fireside, flue, and burners
  • Firebrick and refractory materials
  • Fire rate and water level controls
  • Gas valve and combustion air controls
  • Air-fuel motor and linkage
  • Wiring integrity


  • Cleaning the burners and flue passages
  • Adjusting gas pressure
  • Analyzing combustion gases
  • Calibrating controls, sensors, and gauges
  • Inspecting safety systems and lockouts
  • Replacing worn components, seals, and gaskets
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking for gas, water, or combustion leaks
  • Cleaning dirty electrical terminals

With our convenient maintenance agreements, all maintenance services are included on a regular schedule with cost-effective, predictable pricing.

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