Boiler Rod Replacement in Chicago, IL

Many large boiler systems made prior to 1960 are still in service in schools, hospitals, hotels, and manufacturing facilities, providing reliable, consistent performance that belies their age. Problems can occasionally happen, however, such as rod failures, and when you need a qualified, experienced team for rod replacement in the Chicago area, look no further than Bogot Service Company.

We are a leading provider of repair and maintenance services for boilers made between 1910 and 1960, and we can handle boiler rod replacements in most systems from the era. Our experienced, certified technicians are ready to help with all your industrial and commercial boiler needs, from repairs and maintenance to system replacements, and we are available 24/7 for emergency service.

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Rod Replacement in the Chicago Area

Between the high temperatures, corrosion, and damage from oxygen and other impurities in the feedwater, boiler rods in systems made prior to 1960 are prone to damage or failure. At Bogot Service Company, we offer full boiler rod replacement services for industrial or commercial facilities throughout the Chicago area. Our expert technicians will:

  • Inspect the boiler, rods, and other components for damage
  • Remove any rods that are damaged or show signs of failure
  • Install new rods that are compatible with the boiler
  • Fire the boiler and ensure it is performing properly

We also offer complete boiler repair services to correct any other problems we may find, as well as comprehensive maintenance programs to keep the boiler in the best condition possible.

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Equipment We Service in Chicagoland

At Bogot Service Company, we service commercial and industrial boilers of all types, including:

  • Steam or hot water boilers
  • Gas, oil, waste, or coal-fired boilers
  • Firetube or watertube boilers
  • Industrial or commercial boilers made prior to 1960

We provide complete boiler services for schools built prior to 1960, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing facilities, churches, retail stores, and more.

To schedule boiler services anywhere in Chicago or the surrounding communities, contact our team today.

Schedule Boiler Rod Replacement in Chicago, IL

Restore your boiler to full operation with a boiler rod replacement from our team at Bogot Service Company. We respond quickly to service calls and will work diligently to keep downtime at your business to a minimum.

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