Boiler Efficiency Analysis in Chicago, IL

The efficiency of a boiler can have a significant impact on operational costs, especially for facilities that use more expensive fuels like oil or coal instead of natural gas. Monitoring and adjusting boiler efficiency can be a great way to cut costs and improve compliance with environmental regulations.

At Bogot Service Company, we can help you track the performance of the boiler at your commercial or industrial facility with a complete boiler efficiency analysis. Our expert technicians will collect multiple data points, calculate efficiency, and make recommendations that can improve boiler performance. Our company serves the entire Chicago area, including Wood Dale, Rockford, Joliet, Elk Grove, and Bensenville. We provide a full selection of boiler services, including maintenance, repair, and replacement, and we are available 24/7 for help with all your industrial or commercial boiler needs.

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The Benefits of a Boiler Efficiency Analysis

Boilers consume large amounts of fuel, and even the slightest inefficiency can have a significant impact on energy costs, fuel usage, and boiler performance. A boiler efficiency analysis can help to:

  • Reduce energy costs – An efficient boiler will use less energy and reduce the carbon footprint of your facility.
  • Reduce fuel consumption – The more efficient your boiler is, the less fuel it will use, reducing fuel costs, transportation costs, and storage requirements.
  • Improve compliance – A boiler that is not operating efficiently will release more unburnt fuel, nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide, and other potentially-harmful chemicals in the exhaust gases, which could lead to enforcement actions from environmental agencies.
  • Increase boiler performance – An efficient boiler will produce greater output, improving comfort and increasing productivity.
  • Improve service life – A boiler that is operating efficiently will see less damage from soot and heat, because the fuel will burn more completely and heat transfers will be more effective.

When you want to make sure your boiler is operating as efficiently as possible, trust our team at Bogot Service Company. We have the experience and equipment to perform a full boiler efficiency analysis, and we can recommend the best upgrades and repairs to improve boiler performance.

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Boiler Efficiency Analysis in Chicago

To assess the combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency of a boiler, our team at Bogot Service Company will use equipment like flue gas analyzers to record data about the combustion process, then we will combine it with fuel usage statistics, output measurements, and more to determine overall efficiency. We consider several factors in our calculations, including:

  • Flue gas oxygen levels
  • Stack temperatures
  • Fuel consumption
  • Steam/heat output
  • Radiation losses
  • Convection losses
  • Blow-down losses
  • And more…

Our experts can evaluate your boiler and determine where any losses may be occurring, then we can suggest improvements that will increase efficiency and performance. We offer complete boiler maintenance and repair services to help you get the most out of your industrial or commercial boiler, as well as custom maintenance programs.

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