Boiler Burner Adjustments in Chicago, Illinois

The efficiency and performance of a commercial or industrial boiler depend on many factors, including a precise air to fuel ratio. If the burner is not adjusted properly, this ratio could be thrown off, leading to problems like incomplete combustion, soot accumulation, or excessive carbon monoxide production.

At Bogot Service Company, our expert technicians can evaluate the operation of your boiler and perform burner adjustments to increase its performance and efficiency. We serve Chicago, Rockford, Joliet, Bensenville, and the surrounding communities, providing quality commercial boiler services that include burner adjustments, efficiency analysis, maintenance, repairs, and more. We are available 24 hours a day for all your industrial or commercial boiler needs, and we feature certified, experienced technicians that will ensure reliable, professional results on every service call.

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When to Schedule Burner Adjustments in the Chicago Area

A properly adjusted burner in a commercial or industrial boiler can help your business to minimize energy costs, avoid unnecessary service calls, and keep fuel consumption as low as possible. Call our team at Bogot Service Company when you notice any of the following signs that your boiler may need a burner adjustment:

  • Increased or excessive fuel consumption
  • Reduced output or performance
  • Incomplete combustion
  • Increased soot or carbon monoxide output
  • Excessive flue or stack temperatures
  • Unburnt fuel or excessive oxygen in the flue gases
  • Damage to boiler tubes, firebox, or Morrison tube

Our technicians can analyze flue gases, fuel consumption, and combustion air to determine if the burners are adjusted properly and what changes may need to be made.

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Burner Adjustment Services in Chicago

Whether the boiler at your facility is gas or oil-fired, our team at Bogot Service Company can provide the boiler adjustments necessary to ensure consistent, reliable performance and appropriate fuel consumption for the rated output. Our experts will:

  • Thoroughly inspect the boiler and burner
  • Analyze the flue gas output and stack temperatures
  • Measure fuel consumption and combustion air
  • Adjust burners to achieve the optimal air to fuel ratio

In addition to burner adjustments, we offer complete boiler repair services to correct any problems we may find, as well as comprehensive maintenance programs to keep your boiler in great condition between service visits.

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Call Today to Schedule Burner Adjustments in Chicago, IL

To keep your boiler efficient and performing at its best, choose Bogot Service Company for burner adjustments in the Chicago area. We offer friendly, professional service and superior results that you can depend on.

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